Wool Gathering – Why didn’t we move to Dunster?

We’re sitting at work today sipping coffee when a coworker comes by to tell us she’s going to a birthday party in England.  She’s gone before for less reasons than a party,  Lucky girl.

I asked if she planned to return to Devon England (near Barnstaple) as she’d been several times. Doug and I got to reminiscing about our vacation there and what fun we had.

This in turn got me thinking about a little shop in Dunster we contemplated purchasing. Sometimes, many times, I wish we had made the scary leap and bought that place. We were having a great time and stopped into this souvenir shop to buy balsa wood airplanes and post cards. The shop owner said it was for sale and the entire upstairs, same size as the large shop, was the living quarters. We looked at each other, you know the look – it says Could We?????

(The little shop is on the left side down the street)

Tristan was only 10 years old and I remember him saying “I don’t want to go to school on Saturdays!” The thought of leaving our home forever and starting over was very unappealing for him. But it wasn’t unappealing for me and Doug. We didn’t have established jobs/ careers at that time. We had good jobs but were still young enough that retirement investments or the benefits of staying with one employer forever hadn’t really cross our minds.

We could LIVE here! You could see Wales from the shoreline. It wasn’t horrifically hot there as it is in this swamp we live in now. While the appeal factor was very high, we wondered how difficult it would be for Americans to move and purchase a business in England. It would be a major upheaval to move across an ocean. We had dogs back home awaiting us to retrieve them from the kennel. How would that work to bring our pups? Not to mention, there is obviously a slow season with a souvenir shop so…would we have the financial savvy to make it through a slow season?

There are times we bring this up and wish we’d just made the leap and bought the place. Think how different things would have been for all three of us. Tristan’s entire life would have changed, as would ours, and I would like to think it would all be good changes for us.

As we move closer to retiring there are scores of places we want to visit here in the US as well as England (and maybe even Ireland one more time). We’ll just have to see what direction the wind blows us when that time comes.

End of wool gathering………

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7 thoughts on “Wool Gathering – Why didn’t we move to Dunster?

  1. That would have been awesome! I know how the thoughts of our kids can make decisions for us. When our kids were young we owned a boat and loved spending time out on the numerous lakes near us. Henry and I got to thinking that we’d love to sell our home and buy a houseboat and live on the water. I grew up at a lake house so I’ve loved being at the water all my life. I wanted to so badly, but the kids kept saying they didn’t want to leave their friends, so we didn’t do it. I’ve always wished we would have though, kids adapted so easily and they would have made new friends in no time.


      • I understood 😊 Yes, it does make you wonder where we would be I. Life if you just took a different path. I would hope my son would be doing better but, he’s an adult now and had to make his own decisions so….let me just move forward with my life.
        A houseboat sounds amazing. I’ve only been on one once, in Amsterdam of all places!


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