Children of the Revolution by Peter Robinson

childrenHow could I possibly write a negative review of one of my favorite authors? I love DCI Banks and almost all books in the series have been page turners…….but this book could have been much shorter.  Way too much detail and rambling.

Let me start with what I liked, move on to my complaints and tell you about food mentioned in this book.


The entire team of Alan Banks, Annie Cabbot, Winsome Jackman and the CSI folks.

Some of the food that is mentioned as they enjoy a pub lunch or a quiet dinner at home.

The mystery wasn’t a bad plot, just a bit long winded.  And far fetched, yes, let me add that but I certainly finished it.


It is actually one I could have skipped. Pains me to say that about Alan Banks. I have read this series from book 1, all in a row and not skipping around. This one started off at a good pace but lost me later on.  I persevered because I like the characters very much.  Too much supposition for this murder investigation and too many long-winded discussion on the “what-if” line of thinking.

Also, Banks has never been described as a hottie, someone women just swoon over, but in these past few books he seems to attract the attention of very attractive women.  These women are almost young enough to be his daughter and that leaves me scratching my head,  waaaaaaaa??  Perhaps our author will get DCI Banks a more age appropriate personal relationship in the future.  I’m not a prude, I know there are what you’d call May-December relationships  but I sure liked him with Annie better than the scenarios that have come up lately.


“There wasn’t much food in the fridge besides wilted broccoli and chicken tikka masala…”

Fish and Chips

“Banks ordered bangers and mash and an orange juice….”

Chinese takeaway

Rogan Josh, chicken tikka, aloo gobi and raita and naan

So…….I thought a good meal would be something more exotic than what I usually prepare.  Something Asian or Indian and definitely vegetarian (after all my naughty indulgences this past week).

I prepared Sesame Noodles with Tofu, Scallions and Cashews

For all the lovely photos and recipe visit Squirrel Head Manor.

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15 thoughts on “Children of the Revolution by Peter Robinson

  1. Oh I hate when a character kind of randomly becomes irresistible to the opposite sex. I don’t expect books to be completely realistic but that pushes it a bit for me. Sorry this one was a little bit of a disappointment. That’s always so frustrating when that happens in a favorite series.

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  2. It seems most authors have an off book now and then. And I know what you mean about some leading older men who seem to have women falling all over them?? I’m wanting to try that sesame noodle salad though.

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  3. Like you I am reading this series in order and recommend it. Sometimes men become more attractive as they age, is that happening to Alan Banks? One disappointing one in a series with many titles doesn’t put me off the series, as you said too.

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    • I think, from reading the books, that Alan Banks is attractive but not so much that women fall for him, as the recent books show. Did you know the most recent book is going to e releases in July!


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