Wool Gathering and Armchair Traveling

Sometimes we are able to travel and see more of the world. Other times it’s armchair traveling through books and websites.  When we were able to visit England many years ago I did not seek out the typical touristy souvenirs.

I like to get something unconventional or useful, that way I think back on the trip when it’s put to use.  Charity or thrift shops are great places for me to go.  There was a shop in Cheddar Gorge (maybe it was a Sue Ryder shop),  I picked up this old and well used leather bookmark.  It’s my favorite and I use it constantly.  It brings to mind that shop, the day spent there and the wonderfully chatty lady who ran the shop.

She was telling us how she didn’t like how the “National Trust took our gorge” and complained about Tony Blair.  “Oh course, you have that Clinton fellow” and she also wondered why politicians were always smiling, she asked in a mistrustful way.  But what a delight she was to talk to and she gave us her opinion on so much.  See, I still remember her well.


Perusing another shop I found this old thermometer.  We still use it.  I wonder who owned it before.

Other travels I have enjoyed, vicariously of course, have been through the excellent site A Bit of Britain.  As I read about places I want to visit I add them to my ever growing list.

  • One of my very favorite posts has a good accounting of Swinside Stone Circle complete with photos.  The scenery is breathtaking and of a great interest to me.   My great great grandparents were married and raised a family in Cumbria, formerly Cumberland county.  I hope one day to roam around Cumbria and see firsthand all the images I have been enjoying through the Internet.

Photo credit: This is from A Bit of Britain, post on Swinside


Another excellent site is My Yorkshire Dales. Treat yourself to armchair traveling through either of these sites mentioned and you will be trying to figure out how to move there. The winters would be tough…..I may have been in Florida too long for that!

That’s enough wool gathering today.

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11 thoughts on “Wool Gathering and Armchair Traveling

  1. I love that little leather book mark, what a good idea, to buy souvenirs like that! As you know I’ve been an armchair traveler for years and years, it was so amazing to finally get out there this spring and see some of those places in real life.
    My husband and I are now wishing we’d made plans to see the Solar Eclipse here in the states on August 21st. Apparently hotels and campsites have been booked for years!

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    • Speaking of the solar eclipse, we had reservations for a hotel in Columbia SC but recently canceled. It’s a long drive for us in a chance to see it and being in the south, it may well be cloudy.
      Maybe we can see it from here.
      Thanks about the bookmark! I love those type souvenirs, like earrings from Ireland or t bookmark.


  2. Hey Tina, thanks for the flattering mentions. I hope you keep finding stuff on A Bit About Britain to enjoy and amuse! I also hope you get to visit Cumbria, one of England’s most rural counties; drop me a line if you think I can help at all – I used to live there.

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    • I would most certain contact you if I can ever make that trip. My ancestors lived in Wetheral, Dalston and Burnriggs, according to documents and census records. I’d love to roam the countryside.


  3. What wonderful pictures and memories! It sounds like a fun trip. We are hoping to head to England and Ireland in a few years and I’m really looking forward to it. Until then I want to explore the US as much as we can!

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    • Katherine, I am hoping we can get that camper and see lots of the USA. We still want to make a few trips back to the UK but…I guess we just have wanderlust now!


  4. I love armchair traveling and remembering previous trips through souvenirs. My best souvenirs have been scarves. I have two from Ireland and two from France. They constantly get compliments and I get to say things like, “Yes, I got this in a little boutique in Paris.”

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