Sleeping in the Ground by Peter Robinson


Book # 24 in the Inspector banks series!  I love this series so I dropped everything when the book arrived.  I will surely abandon a current book for the latest publication by Robinson or Tana French.  Absolutely.

This one starts with a mass shooting immediately following a wedding.  A sniper takes aim at a wedding party, killing the bride instantly and goes on to attack the rest of the wedding party.  It was an exciting fast paced start to be sure. Banks is away attending the funeral  of a former love and is unaware of the case until DI Annie Cabbot finally gets through on his mobile. The shooter sat on a hill with an excellent view of the church and festivities, getting away quickly before police could be called in.

As always the mystery and the ah-ha moment comes together near the very end.  Great detective work.  If you want a good police procedural type mystery this is the book for you.  I have read these books in order but you don’t have to do so.  Fair warning though – as there are personal and professional developments with Alan Banks and members of Eastvale Police Department in each book, you may discover something about one the regular characters (spoilers) if you read them out of order.

Since English painter David Hockney’s paintings were mentioned I thought I would include two.  I have a few of his paintings saved in my Pinterest account and was pleased by a mention of him in this book by artist Ray Cabbot (Annie’s father).

Food and Drink mentioned

Banks and Ray Cabbot have a conversation about Ray’s moving to Yorkshire:  “Banks laughed and drank more Laphroig. He could get used to the peaty taste again very easily. “Any particular reason you want to move to Yorkshire?
Ray shuffled in his seat,” Something about the light up here.  Hell, if Hockney could do it, I don’t see why I can’t.

Avocado, quinoa and tomato salad for Annie’s pub lunch.

Roast Cod with watercress sauce and roasted cherry tomatoes, buttered new potatoes and haricots verts with white Rioja wine.

Ken Blackstone is always a fan of curry and I like when Banks meets up with him to discuss a case.  They ordered a couple of pints of lager, samosas to start, then Vindaloo for Blackstone and Lamb Korma for Banks, with Aloo Gobi, rice and plenty of naans.

Pat, the Australia barmaid, brought in two large platters of nachos and pints of Black Sheep bitter.

As you can see there was plenty of food inspiration for me to choose from.  I was tempted by the nachos and Annie’s salad but ultimately had the craving for Indian food so……I made a Veggie Tikka Masala.  Something Ken Blackstone can get into and vegetarian style for Annie.  Recipe may be found at Squirrel Head Manor.


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27 thoughts on “Sleeping in the Ground by Peter Robinson

  1. You talked me into adding this series to my TBR awhile ago but this one sounds especially intriguing. I love the Hockney paintings and he’s not an artist I was aware of so that adds a nice little treat. I love his dimensions. British procedurals always make me crazy curries and things like that so your food choices sound perfect!

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    • Thank you, Katherine. This was another good one, I love watching Inspector Banks move through his career and personal life, but since it’s written in real time, I worry about his mortality. The end of a series I like….


  2. Banks isn’t one that I’ve read obsessively, but what I have read was good — you make me want to read more. I made a curry this week too: what great flavors!

    best… mae at

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  3. Looks delicious! I love Indian food! (Also love quinoa salads!) Just brought a vegetarian Indian cookbook by Madhur Jaffrey home from the library yesterday, as a matter of fact, to check it out. I have one of her other cookbooks, but it’s not all vegetarian. The Peter Robinson series is one I’ve had on my TBR list for a long time. I should start it soon, as it’s getting longer and longer with every passing year!

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  5. Indeed, it sounds like the book starts at a fast pace. I am not familiar with this series, so thank you so much for sharing your review of the novel and of the food in it. Thank you for contributing to Novel Food.


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