Thursday’s Children by Nicci French {Book 4 in the Frieda Klein series}

thursdayThursday’s Children is book #4 in the Frieda Klein series. This one moved slowly.  I’m glad it wasn’t my first acquaintance with Frieda Klein as I may have put the series on the back burner.  So, having read five books in this eight book series, I will still say the Sunday book is still by far the best.

Looking at the positives first, I will say I learned more about our elusive main character in this book than any of the others. It dragged a bit when she went back to her childhood home of Braxton and I think the story line could have been abbreviated.

I like how her friends gather to bring her nice meals, the support they show her, the wine, the mystery aspects of the story and the English setting.  Both London and the little rural town of Braxton.

My favorite supporting character is still Josef.  Hoping to see more of him in the next few books.  I felt very sorry for Frieda’s boyfriend and thought she was too cold with him.  Don’t want to reveal spoilers but I will be adding my thoughts on Goodreads where I can hide the spoilers.  I had it narrowed down to two characters as the main perpetrator but have to say I was actually surprised who the baddie turned out to be.

Side note on an unrelated documentary:   The musical group Thursday’s Children was focused on in the book, however, Thursday’s Children was also a documentary  about the Royal School for the Deaf in Margate, Kent.  It won an  Academy Award for the Best Documentary Short of 1954. The subject deals with hearing-handicapped children.  They learn what words are through exercises and games, practicing lip-reading and finally speech. Richard Burton was the narrator.

It doesn’t appear the name of the fictional band has any relation to the documentary.  There isn’t a mention or connection in the novel.

Food mentioned

Hot buttered tea cakes
Avocado, arugula, sun –dried tomatoes and hummus on focaccia bread.
A sandwich of goat cheese, tomato and salad leaves.
Butternut squash soup with rolls
Garlic- mushroom soup and eggplant and red pepper flan.
Oysters, scallops with bacon and risotto.

“Reuben cooked only four or five dishes and he served them in rotation.  Frieda had eaten them all, over and over again.  There was chili con carne, lasagna, baked potatoes with sour cream and grated cheese.  Tonight it was pasta with the pesto he bought from the local deli.”

“There was a bowl of thick red soup with dumplings, there was something wrapped in cabbage, large sausages, pickled fish, beetroot salad, chopped potatoes and unfamiliar kind of little mushroom, a huge wheel of bread, small pastries, a whole duck, pancakes………..”

Representative meal is a risotto with wild rice, herbs and bay scallops.  A glass of Chardonnay is a great pairing here.


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24 thoughts on “Thursday’s Children by Nicci French {Book 4 in the Frieda Klein series}

  1. Oh my, with my limited culinary skills, I can relate to Rueben! Everything he cooks sounds good to me right now though, as I’m on a diet. Sour cream, baked potatoes, cheese. I’m salivating.

    I don’t know why I haven’t read Nicci French, I know she’s a well-loved and respected writer. I really have to give her a try; judging from your review Thursdays Child is not the one to start with.
    I am, by the way, a Thursday’s child, meaning if I recall the old rhyme correctly, I have far to go, in the old-fashioned sense of the word. Not that I’ve soared to any great heights of success in my journey of life. Interesting to me, that the term has come to be applied to special needs kids with obstacles to overcome.

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    • Judee, i’ve considered making that sandwich, it sounds pretty good. And you know how it is with the series, some books are better than others but I still like reading about Frida Klein . Thanks for visiting!


  2. You haven’t convinced me to read the book, but I always find it amazing that people learn a few dishes and repeat them over and over. I try new things all the time!

    best… mae at

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  3. I *never* say no to risotto! I adore it. I’ve heard from others that some entries in this series are better than others. Still, I keep meaning to read these mysteries.

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  4. I did read one in their series, but didn’t really get into it, forget why now. So, don’t believe I’ll be doing another. The risotto now sounds terrific. I do love a good risotto, but now will try it with wild rice, and scallops, if I can find any decent ones.

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  5. I want some hot buttered tea cakes but I must admit the risotto looks pretty great! I’ve only read one book in the series but I keep meaning to go back and read it in order. I really like the setup but it does sound like there has been a few inconsistencies.
    Yay for joining NetGalley! It’s fun but a bit dangerous. I got in way over my head quantity wise early on. Start with the Read Now books and then start requesting once you have your percentage up some. I don’t think Better Off Read is for you. It’s definitely on the amateur end of the cozy world which can get really cozy!

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    • Katherine, thanks for the advice about Netgalley and Read Now books! I will definitely try some of the books available right away. I’m hoping for the Kate Morton book coming out in October but I need to build my ratings!


  6. I’ve had Blue Monday on my Goodreads list for a while. I finally put it in my Overdrive queue which makes it much more likely that I’ll get it read in the foreseeable future.

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  8. I hadn’t heard of this series. I will make a note of it and perhaps, if I ever get through with my never ending pile…..The risotto with scallops sounds lovely


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