Murder on the Orient Express {Meh}

We watched this recently and didn’t find it remarkable.  I wish the other characters had more time to develop. Branagh didn’t work for me as Hercule Poirot. Loved him as Gilderoy Lockhart in Harry Potter but Poirot wasn’t a good role for him. (in my humble opinion)


It’s amazing you can gather such acting talents as Judi Dench, Penelope Cruz (they managed to dowdy her up!), Derek Jacobi, Michelle Pfeiffer (LadyHawk 🙂 and Olivia Colman and it doesn’t grab you.  ( I loved Colman’s character Ellie in Broadchurch, just FYI)

Maybe that’s just me but…this movie was one I looked forward to but found a bit dull. I have a British series called Peaky Blinders at the library so I will give that a go next week.  So far the big winner for British shows has been Taboo with Tom Hardy.  Let’s see how The Peaky Blinders work for us.

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8 thoughts on “Murder on the Orient Express {Meh}

  1. We didn’t like Peaky Blinders – gave it up part-way through the first episode. But we are watching Mr. & Mrs. Murder – loving it!


  2. I just reread my own review; my expectations for the film were so incredibly low, we managed to enjoy it. But considering the glittering cast it should have been much better, and ultimately, I agree, Branagh miscast himself. Happy British Isles Friday!


  3. I think my husband watched the new Orient Express — at least he tried. But found it unwatchable! So I doubt if I’ll go anywhere near it. I’m hoping the rumors of a new season of Midsommer Murders are for real!

    best… mae at


  4. So far I haven’t seen this one because I have such issues with Branagh playing Poirot. I love him as an actor but I just couldn’t see how he could do this role as anything but a farce. That’s too bad it was dull as I did agree with most of the other casting. I haven’t gone out of my way to see it and I think I’m going to keep it that way!


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