The Egg: Life’s Perfect Invention. A Nature program with David Attenborough


The Egg: Life’s Perfect Invention is about nature’s perfect life support system.  The narrator is David Attenborough and I will say he did a marvelous job presenting the research. If you like birds or are mildly curious about how the egg is an amazing natural creation, you will like this show from Nature.

I’ve never seen such a variety of birds but this one hour episode has me curious to learn more.  Attenborough explains how the eggs protect chicks from the outside world yet is fragile enough to allow it to breathe.  It’s explained how it can be strong enough for a parents’ weight yet soft enough to break through.

Also of interest was certain birds ability to time the hatching of their eggs with weather.  As an example, some hatchlings need to eat enormous quantities of caterpillars but the caterpillars only emerge during a short two week period and this is dictated by the weather conditions, not time.

You’ll travel across England, Wales and far as Antarctica seeing featured birds as the domestic chicken, Emperor Penguin, Great Tit, Blue Tit, Ostrich, Mute Swan, Kiwi, Goldcrest Cuckoo and Common Guillemot.

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7 thoughts on “The Egg: Life’s Perfect Invention. A Nature program with David Attenborough

  1. So many remarkable things about birds! We love to look at them in their native habitat, but a good nature video is also nice.

    best… mae at


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