The Rumor by Lesley Kara


Single mum Joanna moves back to the small town of Flinstead England to give her son Alfie a fresh start and be near her mother. Jo has given up a well established career and beautiful apartment to get Alfie out of a bully situation at school. It’s a more sedate way of life.

While awaiting her son’s release from school one day she overhears a group of mothers talking about a child killer who may be living under an assumed identity in this little town.

Sally McGowan was a child when she was accused and convicted of murdering a little boy. She served her time and was released years ago but given an new identity. The mothers are convinced Sally is living among them. Salacious rumors start up and soon single females of the appropriate age are suspect.

Joanna is concerned about her son but she also voices that people who serve their time deserve another chance. This isn’t met with resounding acceptance from the others.

This is Lesley Kara’s first novel and it kept me turning pages. Well done plot, buildup of suspense and a variety of suspects that doesn’t make this easy to figure out. There’s a small twist on the last page that truly surprised me.

This was one of the books selected for a group read at the Kindle English Mystery Bookclub. Join in on Goodreads if you like British mysteries.

Sharing with Joy for British Isles Friday and the Kindle English Mystery BookClub on Goodreads

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