He Said/ She Said by Erin Kelly


C469F84F-2B58-49D5-90B0-13AD9F0E8F2C This book has a few twists and turns that fit together nicely in the end. One of those, Ah that all makes sense now and I wouldn’t have suspected X as the one providing the mind games.

An eclipse plays heavily into the psychological drama as this is where Beth, Laura and Kit meet for the first time. An eclipse festival is planned on a farmer’s property in Cornwall & these three cross paths in less than ideal circumstances. Laura finds a purse, she and Kit spilt up to look for the owner and Laura witnesses Beth being sexually  assaulted.

After all three testify in court Laura has such sympathy for Beth that she gives her contact info in case she wants to talk. Beth suddenly shows up and becomes a part of Kit and Laura’s life, much to Kit’s chagrin. Beth exhibits unstable behavior and eventually Laura and Kit decide to “disappear” after several scary incidents.

The book title reminds you the rape charge is a matter of he said/she said. Was it rape or consensual? The title doesn’t apply only to the rape but events occurring between Kit, Laura and Beth. Get set for psychological drama and revelations you might not have expected.


This is my third novel by Erin Kelly. I very much enjoyed Stone Mothers and Broadchurch previously.

Sharing with Joy for British Isles Friday


9 thoughts on “He Said/ She Said by Erin Kelly

    • This one was rather intense, Vicki. You may like Stone Mothers by this author. Different perspectives in each chapter. Makes you realize there are two sides, or more, to every story.


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