Watching the Dark by Peter Robinson


Watching the Dark is the twentieth book in the DCI Banks series.  I only have three books left and I will be bereft, waiting for the latest publication.  Guess I will need a new series to tuck into as I am also awaiting the next Tana French novel with her Dublin Murder Squad series.   {insert pouty face)

This book starts out with a former Detective Inspector Bill Quinn found dead at a convalescence facility.  He was there recuperating from an injury when someone lured him to the lakeside and shot him with a cross bow.  What an unusual murder weapon. DI Quinn had a case involving a missing young woman he obsessed over.  She was a young English girl who went to a “hen party” with friends in Estonia.  Now my thought there was – why go to Estonia?  Evidently it was inexpensive and quite a popular thing to do.  That was 6 years ago but Bill Quinn was obsessed with her disappearance.  Did that have something to do with his murder?

This book introduced a policewoman from  Professional Standards. Joanna Passero is assigned to assist with Banks’ investigation but it’s not a smooth partnership.  Joanna is correctly viewed with suspicion as she is a member of the “Rat Squad”,  a section operating on investigating their own for misconduct. The dialogue is good and I enjoyed this book.  Not as much as other DCI Banks’ books but this kept me turning the pages.

One of my favorite detectives, DI Annie Cabbot is back after her extended stay at the same facility.  In the last book she was shot and I am mighty pleased to see her return.

So, my advice is to not skip around too much on these books as you may miss something regarding professional and personal developments.  Backstory.

Food – there is always food just as there is always a mention of music.

When the landlord came around to take their orders, Merike said she wasn’t hungry. The other three ordered. Banks went for his favorite, smoked haddock with a poached egg, leeks mushrooms and Gruyere cheese.

Well I couldn’t get haddock but I usually improvise with recipes or menus.  It was grilled Grouper (one of my favorites) with potatoes and a vegetable mix of leeks, garlic, cherry tomatoes and mushrooms.

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25 thoughts on “Watching the Dark by Peter Robinson

    • I love fish too. There are many meals mentioned in his books that are repeated such as Yorkshire pudding and roast beef but there are some new items here and there.


  1. I keep thinking i need to read these books because i hear good things but i confess the 23 books throws me off every time! I have to read series in order so the really big ones get put in the “maybe someday” pile. 😉 Dinner looks amazing. You know I love my fish!

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    • Deb, I am a big fan of a series. It’s a challenge and I also like hearing what the characters are up to and how they grow. I never read them all in a row though, I savor the books and read other genres in between,


    • If you like British police procedures type books I think you would like this series. I hope he doesn’t kill off my favorite detective! I always worry about that when the series gets so long.


  2. My husband started watching the DCI Banks series while he eats his lunch. He’s enjoying it. He only reads nonfiction, so the TV series won’t ruin anything for him since he’ll never read the books.


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